About Us

The Yorkshire Flower Farm is a collaboration between Meryl Clarke and Matthew Beardsworth of Beardsworths Nurseries.

We are growers and suppliers of British flowers to florists and flower enthusiasts across West Yorkshire.

Flower Farm

Meryl Clarke

Grower Florist

Meryl has been involved with flowers and horticulture since she left school to begin a career in horticulture

"I live for flowers: growing, planting, arranging, smelling, admiring and obsessing over flowers! There’s no greater pleasure in life, for me, than being surrounded by flowers"

Matthew Beardsworth

plant  Propagator

Matthew has been the production director at Beardsworths Nurseries since leaving college with a Bsc(hons) Horticulture 20 years ago.

"My whole life has been spent close to horticulture but plant propagation has always been the favourite part of my job"